Review: CRAZED (Morris Brick #2) by Jacob Stone


L.A. detective Morris Brick has seen the face of evil. He has witnessed the grisly handiwork of a deranged sadist known as SCK—the Skull Cracker Killer. But Brick isn’t the only one watching. A crazed lunatic’s interest in the case has turned into a deadly obsession. This sicko vows to outdo SCK and reach new heights of macabre mayhem. The mounting body count is a personal challenge to Brick. But as he lays his trap, he can hardly imagine the evil he is about to face . . .
Morris Brick was homicide detective that became famous after finding the Skull Cracker Killer. Morris has now created his own private investigation company MBI. As hard as Morris tries to stay away from any serial killer/ homicide activity, he inadvertedly gets dragged into things again, when a new even more brutal serial killer surfaces, determined to outdo their predecessor. This novel was great and told from several different perspectives. The only issue I would have with ‘Crazed’ is the constant updating us of what Morris’ dog was eating and his snorting to let us know he was hungry. Plus should dogs even eat all that junk? Just my thoughts!
That and the fact I felt it was wrapped up really quickly! Maybe that’s just to lead us into book 3?

I read this without having read the first book.

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