REVIEW: Promised Lies by Marguerite Ashton

Review:  3 STARS ***

Promised Lies is the story of Detective Lily Blanchette. Lily is a real up and comer in the force, taking after her father Detective Collin Blanchette. Lily’s sister has recently been murdered, without the killer having been found, her parents marital problems are worsening and Lily has just married a reporter, on the rebound. It’s safe to say Lily’s life is chaotic and there is a lot going on here. Six months after her sisters death, there are two more dead women and the similarities to her sister’s case are endless.

Lily ends up in charge of the case, although she has a conflict of interest obviously and is seemingly chasing a ghost who is using social networking to reel in his victims. Going by the handle ‘CtryGeek23’ the killer is quick and clearly angry at women, accumulating a body count that seemingly starts with Lily’s sister.

The more digging Lily does, the deeper the case gets and things start to fall around her. I can’t say much more without giving the plot away, but there are dangers lurking around every corner and twists and turns aplenty.

Promised Lies was an intriguing, twisty tale that kept me hooked right through, however some dialogue was a bit clunky and things would happen very suddenly in the middle of a sentence without much segue into it or explanation. Other than that, I would recommend this tale of Detective Lily Blanchette and commend Marguerite Ashton’s storytelling.

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