REVIEW: Heart Breaker by Shannon Curtis

Blurb:  She’ll do whatever it takes to track this killer …

Harmony Talbot’s world is destroyed when she arrives home and discovers her cousin’s dead body, left with a single white rose as the killer’s calling card. Lightning shouldn’t strike twice, but this is the second unsolved murder in Harmony’s family. Harmony is determined that this time there will be justice, even if she has to track down the culprit herself.

Homicide detective Bern Knight is good at catching criminals. Though meaningful, his work leaves little time for relationships, and the last thing he needs is a beautiful, bumbling amateur sleuth getting herself into trouble. Whoever committed this crime is no ordinary murderer; he’s a ghost, leaving behind no evidence until more bodies with the same sadistic markers start turning up.

As a digital forensic investigator, Harmony has a special set of skills that she’s fully prepared to use, no matter how much the stern detective is against her interference. Tracking the killer is no easy feat, but Harmony lures him out of hiding. Except now she’s the one in the killer’s crosshairs…


Review:  5 STARS *****

Okay so Heart Breaker… was brilliant!

This is my first time reading anything by Shannon Curtis and I was pleasantly surprised. One, being Australian and reading a book set in Australia is always a plus, especially Sydney, as it enriches the visuals in my mind considering I’ve been there before! (Well, not a car yard or anything, but you get me). Two, this novel just blew it’s competition out of the water. Not only a murder/ thriller mystery full of intrigue, but throw in the added romance and some steamy sex scenes and you’ve got me hooked.

The characters were rich and bold, likening them to the audience and I liked that I couldn’t really pick the murderer until well on into the book. A very smart and thrilling read, Heart Breaker should definitely be on your to read list!

Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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